This is one project that really just didn’t work out, but it’s important to admit defeat occasionally isn’t it?  This project started off exciting and optimistic.  My sister was meeting me in Paris (what better place is there to be? except maybe this week… #jesuischarlie 😦  )  And she had chosen out beautiful Spud&Chloe fine wool (sidewalk & lipstick) for us to each make a set.


Somehow, after reading the pattern on a broken iPhone screen,  we both started off with the wrong amount of stitches and only realized after the ribbing was over.  FROG#1.  We recommenced reluctantly, and somewhere around the heel I had discovered I was using the wrong needles… FROG#2.  EXTREME reluctance to start again, but was still very much in love with the pattern.  The striping was very fun, and the heart on the heel uses a really cool combination of stranded and intarsia knitting.


The “heart” of the sock from the inside


Striping viewed on WS

Things started to work out for my little socks eventually, but I started to realize pretty quickly that they are veryyy small.  Once again, I was too lazy to gauge swatch, and paid the consequence.   The pretty little socks are finished and sitting in my drawer, too small to wear 😦    Alas….

Project on ravelryIMG_1929

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