After one year of the bombings at the Boston marathon, the Old South Church, just 100 meters from the finish line, organized a way to spread the love this time around. A group who call themselves the Old South Knitters brewed up the idea for the Marathon Scarf Project: a scarf was to be knit for each finishing marathon runner this year.

They collected handmade scarves

“of royal blue and yellow, the official colors of the Boston Marathon, measuring approximately 4-6 inches wide and 60 inches long.” (UCC)

On April 20th, the scarves were given away, and what I sight they were! Blue and yellow perfection, from all over the world.

Talk about knitters unite 🙂

Cover photo by Curious Threads


One thought on “Marathon Scarf Project

  1. A fellow raveller: curious-threads sent me some great info on this project that I had been misinformed about. For those who read this post, hear the following 🙂

    “the goal of the project was not to make scarves for all runners. The organizers had hoped to have enough scarves for all runners who attend their annual Blessing of the Athletes service the Sunday before the marathon but it went viral and they ended up with nearly 7,400 scarves. In the end, scarves were distributed to runners, survivors, and first responders.”

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