First project off the needles in a while, but it’s a good one!  This “as the leaves begin to fall” hat is a worldly hat.  The wool is from the beloved Alafoss store in Reykjavik, and I knit most of it in France, then finished it on a trip to Croatia.


So, down to the gritty details.

First off, I didn’t really like the CO edge.  The idea is to do 3 rows in stockinette before switching to the K1P1 ribbing, but it made the edge very unclean and loose.  If I were to remake this hat, I’d definitely start straight off with the ribbing.

Another thing… I’ve had trouble with stranding before.  Sometimes my tension is too tight, sometimes too loose (and the the strands sag on the WS), it’s really a tricky game to play.  Luckily most of the jumps between colours in this pattern are small, so there’s no need twist the wool across the back, which consequently eased up the tension.  Even if you look at the hat inside out you can really see the leaf pattern.


When I finished the hat I was happy with it, but I realized that I could be much, much happier.  The solution: an extremely large, happy pom-pom.  Now, I’d also done this before, but not well.  To perfect the skill, I followed a really helpful tutorial here.  The key to this one was to really wrap a lot of wool around & around & around & around AGAIN.  The result: a giant dual coloured pom-pom.


Luckily for the hat (and me of course), it has now seen Plitvice (~Plit-Veet-Tsay) National Park.  This is a mythical land in between Zadar and Zagreb.  It’s 73, 350 acres and covered in waterfalls and is commonly known as a UNESCO heritage site but to me it was basically Neverland.


For those of you non-Canadians: this kind of hat is called a TOQUE (~tuke), very important 🙂


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