The Etsy blog is well-known for sifting through their millions of stores and finding the coolest of cool.  Taftyli, which was a recently featured “Fresh Shop” definitely fits in that category.  Although it doesn’t relate to knitting, it’s almost as if these two Polish sisters have invented their own craft.  Reigning from Krakow, Dorota and Sylwia joined forces to do some interior designing for restaurants.  Their father was a furrier, so with that background they were able to start a new project: they began making their own line of fur & leather cushions & bedspreads & things.  However, what they are most proud of, and what I would like to showcase are their pleated pillowcases:

“These take a long time to create but give us the biggest satisfaction. The base is 100% cotton (tetra), which we sew into long tubes that get pulled inside-out. The fabric tubes are dyed, then filled with soft padding. By matching the colors and sizes of the tubes and twisting them into braids, we compose each pillow. Matching braid to braid and loop to loop, we slowly hand-sew the back of the pillowcase so that no stitching is visible from the front. No machine can do this.”


The result is quite remarkable, and outstandingly beautiful.



$108.15 USD at their etsy shop

Photos from EtsyBlog

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