Well I’m in love.

I might have said it before, but this time I really mean it.  With whom, you might ask?  A man?  Unfortunately not.  But it’s ok, because the void of no true love has been filled for the moment with a lust for Fringe Supple Co., which regretfully, is not a human, or even an operating system (have you seen “Her”?) but an online knitting & crafting supply store.

On their About page it says that it’s run by Karen Templer, who has a knitting blog of her own called Fringe Association, which is most definitely worth a click.  There are so many beautiful things on her blog, I felt (knit)spired by it all, and got lost in all of my “open in a new tab”s so that I could methodologically see it all.

I can state with confidence that I want everything on this website.  You know when you find a really good online shop and you immediately click add to cart on a product?

Well, I added everything to cart.

They have knitting-related home items, wool, and best of all supplies galore.  This entire store is definitely of the hipster variety, but in the best way imaginable: simplicity & back to the basics.  Remember the days when everything wasn’t shiny, colourful, and made out of things we can’t pronounce?

No, me neither.  But this makes me imagine what it would have been like.

Check out the goods!

Nice things for makers.

[photos from their website]


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