I’m always on the hunt for new knitting stores, especially when I’m living in a new city.  It’s important to have a home base for all my knitting needs!  At the beginning of the year, I stumbled across La Droguerie a.k.a. crafting mecca.  This place has it all: luscious wools, knitting notions, knit kits, sewing supplies, Liberty of London fabrics, patches, jewelry making galore & not to mention endless mason jars of buttons, sequins, beads & other treasures.

They also have binders upon binders of patterns that are strictly available at Droguerie locations around France (and therefore must be purchased in store, online technology is not a forté here).  I must say, they are a goldmine of non-90s fitting, non-grandma knitting heaven!  I’ve spent a long time in there scouring every page.

Some things take a little getting used to.  For example, all wool is sold by weight, and therefore you cannot ask for a certain yardage.  This really complicates things in my already-converting-from-yards-and-meters-mind, so luckily for them and unluckily for me, I end up spending an exorbitant amount of money in this wonderful two floored house of knitting mania.

Image ImageImageImage



pssst: La Droguerie is big in Japan

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