I’ve been wanting to make covers for my camera and my Kindle for a while now.  They have both been carelessly tossed around excessively and I am unfairly disappointed that they are showing wear.  I adapted these cases from a sock pattern called Morgen Kinder.  The idea was to make them as kitschy as possible; essentially I wanted them to look like Christmas sweaters.  I cast on the necessary number of stitches in a multiple of 8 to be able to use the charted patterns.

They are both made with Hjertegarn Sock 4 wool from the Alafoss store in Iceland (<click me!).  I’d been really looking forward to using the beautiful wooden double pointed needles I bought there also.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any colourwork… I’d forgotten how hard it is to get it perfect, but it’s still quite new to me.  Overall, I’m very happy with them.  Next stop: a laptop case!


Lots of knitting to come this week since I’m holing up watching lots of Oscar nominations.  La vie est belle en France en ce moment.  


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