On a recent trip to Berlin, I was in the heart of shopping mania.  The style there resembled somewhere halfway in between thrift shop misfit (see Paul’s Boutique) and insanely expensive hipster digs (see Voo).  My friend and I stumbled into a Mecca of a thrift store called Made in Berlin, and there I discovered a lovely gypsy vest that I couldn’t say no to, and a beautiful brand called Slow Sunday Knitwear [all photos from their Facebook page and website], which ironically, is made in Lithuania.

Is it a coincidence that their brand’s initials are SSK?

All of the Slow Sunday knits that MIB carried were basic accessories. The kind that really make me wonder why I haven’t been selling my own stuff.  It really makes me hear my friends’ voices saying “you could sell this!” and realize that it’s a potential reality that I’m not taking advantage of.  I think I could fire out many chunky headbands in one movie.

Either way, simplicity is good, especially in this case.  All of their things are handmade and they follow a very logical motto:

You can talk about fast food and slow food and you can talk about fast fashion and slow fashion. The handmade jewelry, hand-knitted and recycled vintage collections are slow fashion, meaning that plenty of time and plenty of feelings are put into every single item.

Simple – lasting – nice (and) slow!

I like it.

They focus on recycled fabrics, good quality and limited edition pieces.  Hurrah for individual pieces and no mass production! That’s what makes these guys cool.



2 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Knitwear

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    I really love super chunky knits + the Northern European / German design aesthetic! I basically spent my time in Northern Europe drooling over all the gorgeous design everywhere.

    I’m still trying to source wool of that size for RainCityKnits. Super chunky + neon would be ace.

  2. Definitely! That would be amazing… I am still mourning the discontinuation of Twinkle Soft Chunky, but Malabrigo Rasta is a close comparison. Would love, love, love some neon chunkies 🙂

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