In September I was lucky enough to visit Reykjavik, Iceland, the land where sheep are one of the only animals that you see and that knit sweaters are the main squeeze.  I can’t begin to explain my love for this place.  My friends and I stayed at the beautiful Kex Hostel, which was full of antiques from all over Europe and the United States; you could call it my dream if you wanted.  We rented a car and tried to guide ourselves through the Icelandic countryside with only the occasional 20 letter-long street sign to help us along.




The three of us came to the conclusion that we absolutely had to have an Icelandic sweater, even though it would put us each in the hole 120,000 ISK.  We began our hunt in downtown Reykjavik, but quickly realized that these places had not affordable beautiful things.  Thanks to our trusted Lonely Planet guide we found the ALAFOSS OUTLET STORE.  I couldn’t believe our luck, we’d found my heaven basically.  As my two friends studied the sweaters and tried on many, I scoured the wool selection.  I ended up buying 5 skeins and some beautiful short wooden double pointed needles.  I plan on making some traditional Icelandic mittens.






We ended up finding two sweaters in thrift stores and one at Àlafoss, so all girls left happy. Meanwhile, I’d been working on a Molly hat, and I finished it right around Thanksgiving.  I loved the finished product but I found the pattern really difficult to follow.  The cable pattern and the rest of the hat pattern were not written out together, so you had to constantly keep track of what row you were on for both parts… I ended up writing the whole thing out, but it would have been nice if it had come that way.



Iceland, this will not be our last encounter.

2 thoughts on “A visit to the heart of Àlafoss

  1. So cool to read this!! My husband and I had a short layover on out way to the UK..not enough time to go anywhere, but just enough to know I wanted to come back. You just confirmed that for me!!

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