Like all knitters, I get really excited when people are just as excited as I am about knitting.  My sister Sam knew how to knit before I did, but she lost interest right around the time I was becoming obsessed.  I urged her to finish the project she was working on, but it never happened.  There is much debate over this one, but it seems I talked her into making a ravelry account years ago, but this effort was also fruitless, haha.

This year, a friend took us to this cute yarn shop in Steveston, B.C. that I had never been to called Wool & Wicker.   I think it sparked a new interest, because we both chose out some new wool.  Sam bought some Diamond Luxury Baby Alpaca Sport, and I got some beautiful wool called HiKoo by Skacel Collection.  Haven’t figured out what I’d like to do with it yet, so it’s waiting.


I have been re-teaching Sam how to knit, and she’s just as into it as I am now.  She started off with a seed stitch infinity scarf with the black Alpaca Sport.  After about 100,000+ knit, purls, she completed her first wearable garment (and never wants to see a K1P1 repeat ever again) !


Isn’t it perfect?

I decided our next endeavour would be a hat, and that we would go big or go home…. we chose a pattern with one cable down the side called the Molly hat from a blog called knitmeasong.  Sam chose out a beautiful mustard yellow alpaca from Aslan Trends.  This project was definitely not as smooth sailing as the first scarf.  The pattern is much more complicated, and she got introduced to the dreaded double pointed needles for the first time.  There were some screw ups, sticky situations and major frustration, in which I tried to come to the rescue.  There are probably a couple minor imperfections, but only we know they’re there.  Overall I think it turned out so well and I am so proud!!


I’m going to be working in France at the end of this month, so I have been trying to teach her how to do as many things as possible before I leave, to send her on her way to knitting heaven and expertise!  For her birthday I set her up with some needles, a stitch marker, crochet hook, darning needle, cable needle & two skeins of wool from a relatively new wool shop in Vancouver called Wet Coast Wools.  It’s right the heart of Kitsilano on 4th and Macdonald st. (my stomping grounds) but It was my first time in the store, it is so cute!  I chose out a Cascade 220 in heather grey and a skein of Tracie Too by Imperial Yarn.  ImageImageWet Coast had a really cool selection of wool.  I noticed they had lots of bulky wools, which had my mind running wild.  I can’t wait for giant winter infinity scarves, my absolute favourite thing to make.  They also carried buffalo wool for making cowichan sweaters, and I saw that they had a bunch of patterns too, which are always to hard to find.

I discovered two new local brands: Drama Llama and Rain City Knits.  It’s so nice to see new yarn stores and new companies in Vancouver, because we’ve seen a lot of the knitting shops close down in the past couple of years.  Lucky for us, more and more people are getting into the craft!  I look forward to buying some wool from these two pronto.

Oh.. and!  Sam is now working on give a hoot owl mittens… double pointed needles: take two!  And she’s rekindled her relationship with ravelry in a big way, I catch her on there a three in the morning.  Watch her progress here.

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